Welcome to Fruit-picking.com, there's no better source to get yourself in the fruit picking know. Need a job? Want to make some money while you travel? Fruit picking is a great way to earn an income while you travel, especially in Australia. You can extend the working holiday maker visa by 1 year after only 3 months of fruit picking work, which will enable you to work and live in Australia for a  total of 2 years!  With the average rate of pay much higher downunder, the weather a lot better, beaches, surfing, sport, kangaroos, friendly people, Neighbours, why not get picking and extend your stay!

Make sure you read some of our interviews with backpackers and Aussies that have participated in harvest work all over the country. Fruit picking isn’t just for backpackers, many Aussies travel around the country following crops in season, a great way to see the country and maintain an income, jumping from fruit to fruit! The more experienced fruit pickers earn some really good money which is more than many graduate jobs will pay in London or New York!

Have a browse through our seasonal crop calendar, farm and vineyard profiles, visa information section and get chatting in the forum to share to your experiences and hear stories from other people working and looking for fruit picking jobs. There are many people earning a living partaking in harvest work all over the country, with different crops in season all year round there will be always be an opportunity to find a fruit picking job!

Most importantly fruit picking is good fun and it’s a great way to give back to the Australian economy and help  the agricultural and farming industry while your save up some coin. So get the real Oz experience, earn some cash, get a tan, trim up the beer belly and experience Australia…. start fruit picking!

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