Gin Gin

Gin Gin is a small rural town located on the Bruce Highway in central Queensland. The district is known

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for it’s citrus produce but there will also be opportunities with vegetables, avocado’s and stone fruits.

Harvest Work Dates:

  • January to April Picking Mangoes
  • January to March Picking Logans, dragon fruit
  • February to September – Avocados
  • March to April Picking Vegetables
  • March to May – Citrus
  • October to December Picking Vegetables
  • December to May – Citrus

Where’s Gin Gin?

Use the forum for job applications, not the comments, thanks.

One Response to Gin Gin

  1. Dear Sir/Madame,
    I am looking for any kind of fruit picking in Queensland to start as soon as possible. If you know any work could you please get in touch.
    Kind regards,
    Joanne yeo
    ph 045 1644 066

    Joanne Yeo February 20, 2012 at 2:14 am Reply

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