Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Planning a working holiday to Canada? Came for a Holiday and now you want to stay and work? Below is all the basic information you need to get the ball rolling for your application.

So if you’re between 18 and 35 you can legally work for up to one year on Canada providing that your are from an eligible country the IEC initiative ( nternatioanl Experience Canada).  The Canadian Government say there’s about 35,000 young people per year that utilise this great visa to experience Canada.

To apply for one of these visa’s head over to the application page on the Canadian Government’s website. Did you know Young Aussie’s can work and travel in Canada for up to 24 months! And you can reapply if you fancy going back for a second or third trip!


Below is a list of eligible countries:

Country or Territory

Working Holiday

Young Professionals

International Co-op

Australia Yes Yes Yes
Austria   Yes  
Belgium Yes    
Chile Yes Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
Denmark Yes    
Estonia Yes Yes Yes
France Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes
Hong Kong Yes    
Ireland Yes    
Italy Yes    
Japan Yes    
Korea, Rep. Yes    
Latvia Yes Yes Yes
Lithuania Yes Yes Yes
Mexico Yes Yes Yes
New Zealand Yes    
Netherlands Yes Yes  
Norway Yes Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes Yes
Slovenia Yes Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland   Yes Yes
Taiwan Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine Yes Yes Yes
United Kingdom Yes    


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