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Deloraine is located on the banks of the Meander River surrounded by the beauty of the Meander Valley and other natural surroundings. The region is known for it’s creativity, hosting the Agfest and Deloraine Craft Fair. Harvest work wise you’ll expect to find work picking vegetables and raspberries.

Population: 2,000

Harvest Work in Deloraine

January to December -Vegetables
December to May – Raspberries

Where’s Deloraine?

Getting There

Deloraine is a 40 minute drive from both of Devonport

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and Launceston. The town is serviced regularly by local buses and with a car you could easily reside in on of the bigger two towns and do the daily commute.


You may find a farm that will provide basic dorm style accommodation for harvesters or will accommodate harvest workers with camper vans or camping equipment. Otherwise there’s ample accomodation in town with caravan parks, B&B’s, hotels and motels.

Not Fruitpicking – What to do?

  • Check out Cradle Mountain
  • The National Craft Fair in November
The Deloraine Visitor Information Centre will help you with ideas and accomodation enquiries,
98-100 Emu Bay Road
Deloraine Tas 7304
Ph: 03 6362 3471

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Use the forum for job applications, not the comments, thanks.

3 Responses to Deloraine

  1. hi my name is Rebecca iam 23 iam looking for work around deloraine iam happy to do any work i live in meander

    Rebecca.Vernon December 11, 2011 at 10:25 pm Reply
  2. Hi I’m very happy to do work in your farm and I have been living in Launceston.

    Narayan December 15, 2011 at 9:02 pm Reply

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