Bucket Boy

Not sure what work is available, are you willing to work hard for the potential of extra cash? If Yes, then being a bucket boy may be the job for you!

Below you will find key tasks and competencies required to be a bucket boy

  • Bucket Boys are responsible for getting all picked fruit and veg back to the packing or transportation area
  • It can be very hard and demanding work but on the other hand it’s usually on of the highest paid jobs on the farm.
  • Work will typically be in the sun all day so remember to stay hydrated and slip slop and slap.
  • Work is in groups/team so having a great team atmosphere will make the experience so much more enjoyable
  • Payment is usually made per bucket collected, therefore ensuring your team is efficient and effective will increase the likelihood of being paid more per day
  • As the work is physically demanding, watch out if you have a bad back or any injuries. The last thing you won’t is to do your back in the middle of a working holiday





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