Farm Hand

Farm hands are usually required for preseason and off season work as well during harvest. As a farm hard you may find yourself working with farmers and graziers helping grow crops and/or raising and feeding livestock.

Below you will find key tasks and competencies required to be a farm hand at an orchard

  • Tasks include chemical spraying, rotary hoeing, cultivate soil, sowing crops and weed control
  • Planting ground crops between rows of trees and bushes to control weeds and soil temperatures
  • Construct wire frames to support, berries, vines and other fruits
  • Cleaning and sterilising farming equipment
  • Using tracktors, harvesters, hand tools and forklifts around the farm
Here you will find key tasks and competencies required to be a farm hand at a farm with livestock
  • Feed livestock and poultry
  • Prepare milking machinery and assist with milking operations
  • Feeding livestock and poultry
  • Assist in livestock management which includes shearing, gelding, marking
  • Must sheep or cattle – yep you’ll be riding a horse or motor bike!
  • Maintain farm infrastructure



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