Fruit and Vegetable Picker

The title fruit picker speaks for itself, pickers should expect to work long hours mostly in the sun. The work can be slow therefore having patience and even good company will help make the time fly.

Below is a list of key tasks that a fruit picker will do over a day’s work:

  • Pick fruit and vegetables that are ready for consumption and discard over-ripe and rotting produce.
  • Drive and or operate machinery required to harvest fruit and vegetables
  • Load fruit and vegetables into containers
  • Drive small transportation vehicles such as tractors and forklifts ( loading produce on to trucks or in to sheds)
  • Sort, arrange and pack produce to be ready for transportation
Working as a picker you may be required to pick in high places, therefore using being comfortable on a ladder, while picking and holding several kilograms of produce is a skill that you will acquire. We recommend wearing gloves and good durable boots while picking and remember to drinks lots of water!


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